Epox-It 80

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Epox-It 80 is a multi-purpose high gloss clear epoxy resin. It has an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio that can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Product uses include: coating bar tops, coating counters, encapsulation, fiberglass laminating, making clear models, prototypes, jewelry, figurines, etc.. This is ideal resin for professional contractors, boat builders, diy homeowners, model makers, hobbyists, crafters, and taxidermists.

Note: Epox-It 80 will yellow in direct sunlight over time, but it does resist yellowing better than most other epoxies. The fact is that all epoxy resins will yellow over time in direct sunlight some are better than others. Direct sunlight should be avoided to prolong the clarity of the resin.
Product: Epox-It 80
Mix Ratio: 1:1 by volume
Working Time: 45 minutes
Demold Time: 24 hours
Shrinkage: .001
Color: Clear
Hardness: 80-D
Viscosity: 2600 cps
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